Make Physical activity part of your life

May 6th, 2014

Physical activity is anything which gets you moving. Physical activity plays an important role in keeping you safe from diseases and also keeps your mind fresh and happy. If you don’t do any physical activity right now then you should start it right now but start from a comfortable level before going for vigorous activity.



Physical Activities you can do
You can do two types of activities which will keep you healthy and strong. Aerobics and Muscle- strengthening, in Aerobics exercises that make your heart pump faster or makes you hard to breath such as walking fast, jogging and swimming etc are involved.
All activities which can make your muscles strong are involved in Muscle Strengthening activity, for example lifting weights or resistance bands.

  • Benefits you can get for staying active
  • Physical activity has many health benefits which can save you from many diseases.
  • Physical activity controls your blood pressure, blood sugar and weight.
  • Raises your HDL (Good Cholesterol) and lowers your LDL (Bad Cholesterol).
  • Prevents diseases like colorectal and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and many heart diseases.

Apart from saving from diseases it also has many other benefits like helping you look your best, better sleep, makes your bones, joints and muscles stronger, less chance of becoming depressed, and reduces falls and arthritis pain.  Customer care
How much Aerobics and Muscle-strengthening exercises needed every week
In Aerobic activities 2 hours and 30min are enough for a moderate activity like walking, raking levels etc. But if you do vigorous activities like jogging, swimming laps, skipping rope or riding a bike on hills then you need to do at least 1 hour and 15min of exercise. You can also combine both moderate and vigorous activities which will benefit you even more.
For muscle-strengthening activities should be at least done 2 days a week, it involves lifting weights, push-ups and sit-ups. Remember to do all body exercises like legs, hips, chest, back, abs, arms, and shoulders and do them till you can do it without anyone’s help.
Staying active is good for everyone?
People from all ages and body types can take benefit from physical activity. You can always find activities which best suit your age and body type. If you have some kind of disability then you can consult with your doctor, your doctor can help find the best one for you.